Saturday, August 22, 2009

waiting my gurlzfren...Ramadhan

Hello everyone!!!! da again... i'm so lucky coz finally i got to start my 1st sahur en "puasa" wit my femli @ lipis.. yesterday, i back home after was sent by the bus campus of IPGM-KSM. such avery interesting en enjoyable trip wit all of them. miss dat sweet memories so much... well, welcome back ya Ramadhan... hop dat u will give us a shine to our daily lives... may i meet with da next ramadhan??? only god knows it!!!! dont forget to perform the terawih...although i've just miss it last 2 night coz da 1st night, i was in da bus en last night, my hot fever just missed me en try to destroy me... dont worry, i've just finished a fight with it.... till then, SLAMAT BERPUASA, BERBUKA, BERSAHUR, ENN BERHARI RAYA!!!!!!

zumiela7 said ~ life will be different with da coming of ramadhan... believe me!!!!

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mE iS aS said...

welcome home..c u soon...