Tuesday, August 25, 2009

waktu dolu-dolu...

just want to flashback my past memories during my time wit my femli... we went to KLCC to accompany my father whom had a medical checkup at a private clinics there.. there were 2 things dat i really can't forget about our time there. 1st one was my family en I, we went to the cinemas to watch BEE MOVIE together.. was so interesting, heppi en sweet time there..(nie kalau x clap, wak2 2006...muke aku pown mcm bdak br nk besar...huhu).... 2nd one was my father's personal bag missing.. we forgot to take the bag when we're son buzy took pix (as u can see at those pixs).... we've been scold by our daddy... nak watcmner, dh hilang kn!!!!

zumiela7 said ~ that was da' 1st time my experience watching movies et cinema with my femli!!!! bestnyer teringt wak2 mkn2 pop corn!!! nak satu!!!!

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