Sunday, August 23, 2009

we present to you.....da "KS Unit"

welcome everyone...right now i'm going to show u the member of my unit enn here at IPGM-KSM.. we've been called as "Unit Kajian Sosial Sem 1 PPISMP IPGM KSM"....hop dat our friendship will last longer till da en of our life. may god bless our grup so much!!! tempuhilah 11 sem ini wit a very open mind en heart... prepare ourself physically, emotionally en spiritualy!!!

zumiela7 said ~ at the first sight, i'm not confident myself to confront en be friend wit themm. but eventually, i know dat i've made a great chocie to study here... wit them of couse....


mE iS aS said...

nice post but y used same pic bro..huhu

zikery hassan said...

take ur time to be
more comfortable
with everybody there.