Friday, September 18, 2009

tulisan ternoktah....

what dat title mean?? donola.. well, i just finished perform my mahgrib.. now, i'm being sitting infrontof my beloved lalptop in the guest room of my house.. I reached here about 3.00 pm just now. so, i skip my jumaat.diz my very 1st time took a bus to reached home... oh, forgot to tell, at Langgar station, i met my old fren, adam.. so surpising!!! (tetibe mamat nie muncul)..oh GOD!!!nothin' to write about him!!! tomorrow nk blik nogori 9. hop dat we reached there safely.

zumiela7 said ~ thanxs to as is me yg sudi tumpangkn zumiela7 smpai umah haniff.. to haniff en family, tahnks 4such a great treat en hospitality at ur house (nk ckap layanan yg baik sbnrnye!! as is me, pliz correct my words..)

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mE iS aS said... is as laar...korg suke sgt pggl as is me..adoi..

berbelik aku bace post ko kali kes..xsbo sgt ek nk beraya..smpaikan grmmar tunggang pom..sokay la...