Thursday, December 31, 2009

al~kisah 2009...

just less than a few hours from now, 2009 will closed its house en 2010 will, i thought dat i wanna rite sometyhin' bout wat were spesel moment happened around me in 2009..

~ i've got my spm result [not too bad]
~ i went to mecca to perform my umraa
~ i've got my driving license
~ my blogspot blog are created
~ i entered smk clifford about 2 months for form 6 (such an amazing en memorable time 4me)
~ i bought my beloved aspire 4736G ACER laptop [hahaha..should i wrote dis"""??]
~wat's more???ermm...yaa...i futhered my studies at ipgm~ksm [besut,trgn]
~ 4da 1st time, i just tried doin' debate [malay lang.] at ksm
~ i bought my c510 SE (wat's make it so spesel coz i used my own money 2bought it.
~ dono wat i'm goin' 2write right now..

~ (tahun niela thn yg plg mncbr dlm spnjg idup aku..plbg prstwa tlh menjelma en menduga aku...di sinila aku mula sdr bgiamana mncabar gile idup nie...huhu)

zumiela7 thought ~ just face all da obstacle in ur life w' open-hearted en then u will not afraid to face its consequences...

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