Saturday, October 2, 2010


mood :: imbas kembali

hepi befday en mayALLah's blessing will always be yOurs
miss wan muni aida bt wan nazuLan

i wish that :~

* u'll always smile, cheerful, heppie en sunshiny
* u'll meet somebOdy that will really take care of u
* u'll never emO232 x tentu pasal..
* u'll success in anything that u do
* u'll always be the same person that i know very long agO

p/s :: (off-record)

i wish,
~ that we can meet each other like always we do
~ that i could go back to the past en repair evrythng..

1 comment:

pInKy LoVeR said...

thnx dear for this post...
insyallah...everthing wannabe ok after this... :((
thnx 4 the frienship :))