Sunday, October 24, 2010


is currently watchin' ep 08 of this korean-hit-drama (8 ep more to go)

# sesambil pekena meggi (dh 1 cup en 3 peket spnjg tgk cite nie since yesterday)
# bantai rumate punye mister potato as "popcorn" (LOL)
# alamak, chipsmore dh abis lak!!
# since when dat i really into this kind of "drama"??? (enough being sarcastic)
# i'm not downloaded the my girl ost album coz i liked them!!! (stop from being sarcastic again)
# compared to all the ensemble cast, secretary yoon is the most gorgeous one!!
# comment so far??? (what should i say?? nope)

p/s ::

* am i too outdated 4 watchin' this stuff??
(not at all)
* sila isi mase lapang anda dgn xtvt berfaedah!!! (LOL)
* moral of this story :: lies is always the perfect solution!!! hohoho