Sunday, May 15, 2011

a day for a people like me :)

mood :-
tired after playing squash

environment :-
study week (boring nak mampos)

currently :-
sketching my holiday plan (may Allah bless us)

anyway, something special will come out tomorrow :-

Hepi TEacher's Day :)

Cg Rozina & Cg Sabiha,
miss you guys so much.
both of you are the coolest en awesome t-cher I ever had



syaza kelyza said...

so sweet . happy teacher's day :)

Cik Hererra said...

hEpi TeacHer's day tOo!


guD LucK iN yOur eXam.. ^_^

CiK AiFa.. said...

selamat selamat hari guruu

eiymnajmie said...

syaza,cik hererra, cik aifa - hepi teacher's day jugak buat kalian :)