Thursday, June 30, 2011

KL Tour The Chronicles : Genting Highlands

-I hope it's stil not a basi stuff..huahua-

Our 3rd Day Story

our destination :)

city of entertainment.
let's have fun at the peak.

after 16 years, finally I could came here back..ohlala.

we started our journey that sunday morning
from kl sentral at 10. x sabar kot.
using the package that only cost rm47 ,
we were really have a blast en enjoyable time that day.

less talk, less word, more pics :)

although the place was really full with the crowds en I can't ride the space shot,
but it was okay as we had so much fun en joy on that day.
the scenery en the atmopshere were totally terrific. sejuk gile kot kat atas tue.
next time, I'm going to come back here again to get my revenge with the space shot..hahaha.

we went off from genting at 7 en
we had our luxurious dinner at kenny rogers roaster at subang pride.
the bill?? only god knew bout it..haha
thanks my uncle, ayah de for the treat.hehe


to be continued....

chop-chop :) hepi 2nd anniversary to my blog since this 1st july will be ur

Friday, June 17, 2011

The time is running short :(

yeah.finally, its over.
Tomorrow, balik sudeyh!!!

One thing for sure,
These holidays were the most exciting & memorable memories
for me. Its definite.

KL Tour The Chronicles

I spend almost a week in KL with friends.
Giler Lens Crew!!!
I'm still not finish looking at those pics, guys..


Family Vacation June 2011 -
A Journey to Kedah, Perlis, Thailand, Penang & Perak

yes, this one probably the longest femli vacation we ever
had since our umrah trip during 2009.
family always come first en first.

-a lot of stories en pics that I'm eager to tell en share with-


chop-chop :) currently is going crazy with Twitter-ing & Tumblr-ing.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Menuju Puncak :)

Finally, after 9 years have been on-aired,
this favourite-reality tv show came to its end when astro had decided to cancel it.
Hazama of AF9 ended the show as its last winner.

"boleh bahh kalau kau!!!!"

well, there was much talk and gossips about the show.
"artis mee segera, tunjuk muka je lebih, bla..bla..bla."

but, what I want to share here is that,
because of AF larh, my house have an Astro today!! wakaka!!

my father subscribed it because AF was starting to get people's attention including us and
besides, my brother also was eager to watch the ESPN & Supersport channel.
(skang niey dah ade B.yond, lagi syok tgk HD channel)

I still remember, 9 years ago, during the night of AF1's 6th concert,
my father gave us a suprise when the astro crew came to our house that nite
to put the UFO's plate on our roof...hehehe favourite student, rosma was eliminated that nite. what a suprise!!

actually, their talent is not the main reason why my family & I was eager
to watch the show, but all the drama, sad moment, suprises!!
yeah..those elements made AF really decent en outstanding compared to other reality show.

anyway, thanks AF for giving us something all these years..

Menuju Puncak!!!

chop-chop :) Selamat Hari Bapa, ayah :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

KL Tour The Chronicles : It's Times Square

Our 2nd Day Story

our destination :)
- playtime @ times square theme park
- shoppingtime @ ts
- puduraya station
- petaling street
- central market

* likealways, let the pics do the talking :) *
(amek ko sekali 15 pic ak bedal)

action while waiting for the komuter

let's rock en roll

snap pic wif the clown

let's play guys

cuak before entering the haunted journey

oh sis, u look so scary


wait noona, my stomach so empty.huhu

in front of the pudu prison front gate

jengjalan lagi

petaling street siii

mr poyografer

@ central market/pasar seni

yes captain!!!

best pic of me for today.hehehe

*credit to incik zahar pandazemo for his DSLR.

we end our show for today @ 10.00 pm


to be continued....

chop-chop :) so excited to begin my journey to kedah for femeli vacation today. let's continue to make memories these holidays. hibernation for a week from social network.papai bloggie :(

Saturday, June 4, 2011

KL Tour The Chronicles : The Pavilion

1st day story (27/5)

tODAY's destination :)

-KL Golden Triangle
watching KarAK @ The Pavilion
- Lot10
- Sungei Wang Plaza

next, let the pictures do the talking :)

-we arrived my uncle's home at shah alam around 10.30 pm-

to be continued....

Friday, June 3, 2011

KL Tour The Chronicles : Jerteh's Story

hello buddies.let's retrieve the memory back.

the story begin like this :)

so, after watching SEru en everything was ready,
at 7.45 pm on thursday 26/5,
my fren including
incik zahar pandazemo, noona asmad, citiey aminah aka mak kundur & me,
we went off to jerteh bus station to caught up our SANI bus at 9.30.
we went there by taxi
(who's care about that pakcik drebar.why we always meant-to-be to see him??)

after put our stuff at the bus station,
we get our dinner at the food stalls near econjaya.
i had my pulut en ikan masin fried rice.kenyang bro.

at 9.30, we started to walk down slowly to the bus station
and suddenly.....
our frens, izzul & kak nad called and told us to hurry up coz the bus
already there en prepared to depart in no time.
(the pakcik bus was so rakus en cannot wait to drift on the road..huhu)

so, we ran and rush there as fast as we could.
(some thought across my mind that maybe we'll be miss the bus)
mujur, sompet..

so, the trip went well.
we arrived at shah alam bus station around 5.30 a.m.
we went to our own hotel (???) and planned to
meet back on saturday at TS.

chop-chop :) Honey By KARA

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Faceblog :)

i get to know bout this stuff long time ago.
but it just tonite, i have some spare time to post about this thing.
just click the pixc above to know more about the Face-blog thing.
let's make friends here.

chop-chop :) in about one month from now, this blog will celebrate its 2nd anniversary.yeah!!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

whattodo :)

today was the 1st full day of myself at home.
this semester break, my time at home is kinda limited
as I already filled my holidays in KL wif my frens last 5 days,
while this sunday, my femli en I,
we're goin to kedah for our family vacation until next friday.
my beloved auntie, mak ngah en her family will join us there.

5 months already past with boxes of
good en bad things happened in my life.

so, for this june, i'm waiting for the 2nd season
of my faveret tv series after desperate housewives.
PREtty Little LiARS
which will be back on the screen starting this 14th June.

chop-chop :) cannot wait for dinner tonite bcoz satay will be the main dish.hehehe