Thursday, June 30, 2011

KL Tour The Chronicles : Genting Highlands

-I hope it's stil not a basi stuff..huahua-

Our 3rd Day Story

our destination :)

city of entertainment.
let's have fun at the peak.

after 16 years, finally I could came here back..ohlala.

we started our journey that sunday morning
from kl sentral at 10. x sabar kot.
using the package that only cost rm47 ,
we were really have a blast en enjoyable time that day.

less talk, less word, more pics :)

although the place was really full with the crowds en I can't ride the space shot,
but it was okay as we had so much fun en joy on that day.
the scenery en the atmopshere were totally terrific. sejuk gile kot kat atas tue.
next time, I'm going to come back here again to get my revenge with the space shot..hahaha.

we went off from genting at 7 en
we had our luxurious dinner at kenny rogers roaster at subang pride.
the bill?? only god knew bout it..haha
thanks my uncle, ayah de for the treat.hehe


to be continued....

chop-chop :) hepi 2nd anniversary to my blog since this 1st july will be ur


Azham Vosovic said...

Yeay, dpt juga kamu pergi Genting Highlands setelah 16 tahun, lepas ni g la lg heheheh

eiymnajmie said...

trimas utk sume useful information tue..mmg puasla cume space shot je xdpt naek..kne pg lagi kot..hehehe