Sunday, June 5, 2011

KL Tour The Chronicles : It's Times Square

Our 2nd Day Story

our destination :)
- playtime @ times square theme park
- shoppingtime @ ts
- puduraya station
- petaling street
- central market

* likealways, let the pics do the talking :) *
(amek ko sekali 15 pic ak bedal)

action while waiting for the komuter

let's rock en roll

snap pic wif the clown

let's play guys

cuak before entering the haunted journey

oh sis, u look so scary


wait noona, my stomach so empty.huhu

in front of the pudu prison front gate

jengjalan lagi

petaling street siii

mr poyografer

@ central market/pasar seni

yes captain!!!

best pic of me for today.hehehe

*credit to incik zahar pandazemo for his DSLR.

we end our show for today @ 10.00 pm


to be continued....

chop-chop :) so excited to begin my journey to kedah for femeli vacation today. let's continue to make memories these holidays. hibernation for a week from social network.papai bloggie :(


mE iS aS said...

yes aku owg ptama..kah3....

ooo credit to mr pandazemo je ea..aku xde...xpe la..hahhaha

motif sgt letak gmba kt pnjara pudu tu..xde y lain ke wey...moncong2..hahahha

pe2...u guys mmg rock r beb !!! seronok gilak..

rase nk naek byk2 kali lak roller tu..hahahha

Anonymous said...

perghhh,,jeles ak tgk sume gmbar2 tue,,nok g etep weh,,

eiymnajmie said...

noona - motif credit kat ko!!! ade pic tue kire mujur daa...hahaha

arip- aritue ak ajak, xnk...bertafakurla kat umah tu sorg2...hehehe