Friday, June 3, 2011

KL Tour The Chronicles : Jerteh's Story

hello buddies.let's retrieve the memory back.

the story begin like this :)

so, after watching SEru en everything was ready,
at 7.45 pm on thursday 26/5,
my fren including
incik zahar pandazemo, noona asmad, citiey aminah aka mak kundur & me,
we went off to jerteh bus station to caught up our SANI bus at 9.30.
we went there by taxi
(who's care about that pakcik drebar.why we always meant-to-be to see him??)

after put our stuff at the bus station,
we get our dinner at the food stalls near econjaya.
i had my pulut en ikan masin fried rice.kenyang bro.

at 9.30, we started to walk down slowly to the bus station
and suddenly.....
our frens, izzul & kak nad called and told us to hurry up coz the bus
already there en prepared to depart in no time.
(the pakcik bus was so rakus en cannot wait to drift on the road..huhu)

so, we ran and rush there as fast as we could.
(some thought across my mind that maybe we'll be miss the bus)
mujur, sompet..

so, the trip went well.
we arrived at shah alam bus station around 5.30 a.m.
we went to our own hotel (???) and planned to
meet back on saturday at TS.

chop-chop :) Honey By KARA


iekasub said...

kemain bejalan saja laa korang ni~

shidi shah said...

hey, jerteh is my hometoen..
oohh..long time don't come back..

pandazemoo said...

mane part amek duit kat bsn ? ahaha

shidi shah said...

haha..kat blkng kat stsen bas..

eiymnajmie said...

ieka-itulah kamiey..hehe

shidi-laaa, org cnie kaa..

pandazemoo- part tu mmg spesel pon.. mujur x kene tinggal..kalu x, sape nk jwb??huhuuhu