Friday, June 17, 2011

The time is running short :(

yeah.finally, its over.
Tomorrow, balik sudeyh!!!

One thing for sure,
These holidays were the most exciting & memorable memories
for me. Its definite.

KL Tour The Chronicles

I spend almost a week in KL with friends.
Giler Lens Crew!!!
I'm still not finish looking at those pics, guys..


Family Vacation June 2011 -
A Journey to Kedah, Perlis, Thailand, Penang & Perak

yes, this one probably the longest femli vacation we ever
had since our umrah trip during 2009.
family always come first en first.

-a lot of stories en pics that I'm eager to tell en share with-


chop-chop :) currently is going crazy with Twitter-ing & Tumblr-ing.


dya adriza said...

pergh..jalan sakan nih...

iszieylyanziy said...

cuti sakan noh,,haha

mE iS aS said...

fuhhh nseb bek gmbo aku ade..hahahah..igt nk....da td..haha

iekasub said...

jalan je keje! ikat sikit kaki tu.haha

eiymnajmie said...

dya, is, ieka - bile lagi nk jln2 sakan!!!! hehehe

noona - gambar ko tue kire tangkap muat je..hahahaha