Monday, July 4, 2011

Not very good nor bad :)


erm, today seemed wasn’t going well for me.

I think that the 1st presentation from me

was quite unsatisfactory.

but, anyway,

thanks to mr Shef for the very honest and detailed

comments of him.

I really appreciate it.

Still a lot more to improve en improvise as a teacher wannabe.

more presentations, assignments, task, ISL, ABM

are waiting to be completed.



maya mayonis said...

literasi bahasa buat abm tu, mmg bz giler ah. baik korang buat awl2,kitorang wat last minit masa nk dkat2 pameran, mmg merana jgk la tak tidur.ahah

mE iS aS said...

ahhaha..xpe me, it was awesome ! hahaha...ko da mcm erul kene kritik nga juri dah..hahha