Tuesday, July 19, 2011

R.I.P to my inspiring Islam's fighter :)

a special condolence to
Dr Lo' Lo' Ghazali's family for
the lost of her because of the cancer disease. source.

She was the member of parliament of
Titiwangsa constituency in Malaysia.

I'm eager to meet her in face-to-face
as I'm so proud, respect and inspired
by her determination and braveness
to fight for the sake of her people and of course,
for Islam.
but, seems that I can't make it after all.

to all Muslim, we're having such a great loss of a very
enthusiastic and passionate Islam fighter.

Rest In Peace :(


dya adriza said...

Innalillah.. arwah memang orang baik2. pernah jumpa masa sekolah dulu. x pernah lekang dengan senyuman..

maya mayonis said...

dari Allah kita dtg, kpd Allah kita kembali..baru tahu hari ni dia meninggal...