Tuesday, July 12, 2011

welcoming Mr Legend :)


after everything I've been through last 2 days,
everything seemed quite mess up at first,
finally, it's mine.


after about briefly 2 years waiting for it,
I can feel really relieved and absolutely happy.

Mr Legend,
" now, I'm your master.
So, pleased be careful with your attitude
if you wanna stay long with me."

the moment I got the chance to put
my hand at the handle and ride on it,
blurred + surprised
puass gile kot.

so, after this, of course
it will make my life much much easier. It is.
But I still need to learn more on handling this thing.

Thank God for this really precious blessing.
I swear to myself that I will change myself for the better.

how it looks?? ermm..ermm

p/s : terima kasih, ayah :)

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