Friday, August 12, 2011

KL Tour The Chronicles : Finale Touch:)

sorry for being late in updating this excitement memories.

so, the last day finally came in.

We closed our tour at MidValley.

We went there to watch Nur Kasih.



KL Sentral




We were so lucky as there was a  Pirates & Carribean  exhibition

at MidValley during that time.

So, we grabbed the chances to watch a short silent comedy performed by the actors. Of course, he is not the real Johhny Deep.huhu











love this bear.

br plan nk angkut bwk balik.




Then, we snap some pics




( I think I already uploaded this pic before.)


so, after finished there,

we had our dinner at KL sENTRal.

Then, I sent mr pandazemo to Hentian Putra,

so that he could catched his bus and returned back to his home town,

Ganu deh.




everything settled.

We just added some unforgettable memories in our life diaries. LOL.

Thanks my friend.


p/s : just appreciate everything around us. Don’t care about the consequences. Yeehaw :)

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iekasub said...

nak semua baju kau tuu! cantikkk...wuuu