Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the best thing about this raye :)

yes.everything about raye is fun.

meeting friends, family members, eating ketupat, rendang, kueh-mueh,

duit raye, travelling…

muahhh.. a lot of exciting things to tell


we kept all those things first.

ape yg syok kali ini,

is that I can meet back my "old girlfriend" aka

idol aka second mom aka my primary school teacher

after 8 years.

pUan rozina jusoh.

currently, she's now at sk jerangsang, kuala lipis.

my friends and I, we miss her so much.

she and my class, 6 hibiscus -batch '03,

our bond are too strong to be break :)

2 years with you as our class-teacher

were amazing and memorable times.


thanks for still be like always.

understanding, loving and caring,

although we had not seen each other almost 8 years.

we love you, cikgu :)


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Azham Vosovic said...

wah...tingginya cikgu ni hehehehe