Thursday, March 1, 2012

Enjoy my March to the fullest!

after 2 month rest from writing, my mind is completely empty from words and ideas!

alhamdulillah, 2012 currently run quiet smooth and with some rough, hide and tide,

but still everything is under control!

New semester, roomate, room, environment and surrounding make me a better person!

with my daily evening that is full with exercises and training from RE-Branding programme,

my healthy life comes to its perfect plan!

and Finally,

the most awaiting month of all, March appears with million of exciting things to be explore :

1-5 march 2012 (program kajian kepelbagaian etnik @ sarawak)

8 march 2012 (pidato bahasa melayu prgkt antarabangsa piala PM @ PICC Putrajaya)

12-15 march 2012 - (lawatan sains politik ke parlimen @ Kuala Lumpur)

19-23 march 2012 - (SBE di sk orang asli @ SK RPS Pos Betau, Sg Koyan)

final week of march 2012 - bina insan Guru (BIG) @ k. Trgn)


well, as my age continues to reach its 21st anniversary,

I have a very big hope and mission for myself!

as 21 years of my beautiful and challenging life before past by,

I think that I spend a lot during that time to satisfy others, make them happy and believe

that I can be a very perfect plus good son, friend and man!

It doesn't mean that I regret with things that I did in the past, but it just that

I think the time finally has come for me to

explore myself and search what things that I really want and eager to get t in my life.

That is something not to0 big to ask, isn't it!!

Hopefully, I can change myself for the better!

Importantly, more mature, brave, and outstanding enough to compete with the world!

Anyway, just keep in mind that you should,

Live your life to the fullest and don't forget The One that give you everything!

He's the perfect planner of all!

Thanks for the great 21 years of life!

Hopefully, things around will be much-much better for me and others!

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anecdot : gigih menaip, entah ape yang dibebelkan, excited untuk terbang ke bumi kenyalang!

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iekasub said...

best gila pergi sarawak!